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How Many Calories Do You Burn Moving Furniture?

moving furniture calories burnt

Have you ever stopped to ponder how many calories you burn moving furniture? It’s a lot more than you might expect. Whether it’s a local move in Long Island or a long distance relocation, you’re essentially doing a workout session that combines lifting, carrying, and constant movement – terrific calorie burners! So, let’s take a deep dive into this topic and reveal the great benefits hidden in this process.

It’s Like A Gym Out There

“Moving, even when it’s just the furniture, is not unlike a strenuous workout at the gym.”

Imagine lifting the sofa, carrying those bulky boxes, going up and down the stairs, or walking to and from the moving truck multiple times. All these activities make your body work, resulting in not just a successful move but also some serious calorie burning.

A Mini Workout Session

When you delegate a home estimate and decide to pack, load, and unload by yourself using our box material delivery, you turn the moving process into a mini workout session. The more physically rigorous your move, the more calories you torch. If your move requires packing services, even packing up could get your heart rate up!

Here’s to Better Health

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the health benefits beyond the calorie burn. Moving all by yourself instills a sense of achievement, significantly reduces stress, and promotes better sleep.

Not convinced? Let’s dive deeper into the approximate amount of calories that are burned during different moving tasks:

Moving Small Items

If you are moving smaller items like chairs, lampstands, or boxes, you might burn around 300-400 calories an hour!

Lifting Heavy Furniture

When it comes to moving heavy pieces like a wardrobe, a dining table, or a bed, the calorie burn can shoot up to 400-450 per hour!


Post-relocation cleanup and setting up your new living space can help you burn anywhere from 250-300 calories an hour.

“In essence, moving day could double up as a full-fledged workout day!”

If you’re in a hurry, don’t despair! Our last minute movers in Long Island are here to help you move efficiently, still giving you the chance to stay active and burn calories.

Tips for a Healthy Moving Workout

Moving furniture is a demanding process, especially for those who are not used to a lot of physical activities. Thus, safety is crucial to prevent injury. Below are guidelines to help you have a safe and healthy moving workout:

1. Stretch Before and After

Doing a few stretching exercises before you start and after you finish handling your commercial moving or local moving activities will not only warm you up but also prevent muscle strain.

2. Stay Hydrated

Ensure you stay hydrated all through the move. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of moving that you forget to drink enough water.

3. Take Breaks

It shouldn’t be a marathon. Remember to take brief rest breaks to avoid over-tiring yourself.

4. Plan Your Workflow

Having a planned workflow can prevent unnecessary back-and-forth, hence saving you from wasting energy. Organize the move in a way such that the heavy items are moved first and light ones later.

5. Use Proper Lifting Techniques

Learn and implement proper lifting techniques. As a rule of thumb, always lift with your legs and not your back.

“Moving house can be a strenuous process, but with the right techniques and attitude, it could be your ticket to a mini workout.”

Get Professional Assistance

If this sounds like too much work or if you have health-related concerns that won’t allow for such heavy tasks, consider hiring professionals such as Call My Mover! Our experienced team can take care of every aspect of your move, whether you’re looking for luxury movers for the elite relocation services or the cheapest local movers just for furniture transportation. So, if you’re unsure about the calorie-burning session but are definite about the move, get a quote from us today!

In Conclusion

As the saying goes, “No Pain, No Gain.” Moving furniture may be physically demanding, but it presents an opportunity to burn calories and stay active. Preparation, strategy, and safety measures can make all the difference in turning your move into a successful workout session. And if all else fails, we at Call My Mover are just a call away!

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