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How to Pack Glassware and Dishes

how to pack dishes glass when moving

Packing can be a daunting endeavor, but when it comes to fragile materials, like glassware, the stress levels can certainly elevate. But don’t worry! we’ll walk you through step by step on how to pack your precious glassware for any kind of sweep, be it local moves in Long Island, or adventurous long distance moving ventures, or even just a sprucing-up!

The Right Supplies

Getting the right supplies is the first step to getting your glassware ready for the move. Don’t underestimate the power of the proper materials. Visit our box material delivery page to schedule delivery of some items you’ll need. A quick list would include bubble wrap, packing paper, sturdy boxes and packing tape.

  1. Bubble Wrap: This is a must-have to keep delicate glassware from breaking.
  2. Packing Paper: Wrap individual items to provide an added layer of protection.
  3. Sturdy Boxes: Make sure you select strong boxes that can handle the weight of your packed items.
  4. Packing Tape: An adhesive of good quality is necessary to secure the boxes.

The Graceful Wrap-Up

Just having the right packing supplies isn’t enough, it’s equally important to use them correctly too.

-Begin with a layer of bubble wrap to ensure the glassware has a soft and secure base to rest upon. -Pad up the corners and edges with more bubble wrap before reinforcing everything with the packing tape. -Remember, you don’t want to skimp on tape because it’s what keeps everything held together!

Packing Dishes – Horizontal or Vertical?

If you’re planning a last minute move to Long Island, you might be muddled up with loads to think about packing. Among the most frequently asked questions is – “how should I pack my dishes?” Let’s make this simple. Always pack your dishes vertically!

  1. Line the bottom of the box with layers of bubble wrap for cushioning.
  2. Working one-by-one, wrap each dish in packing paper. Consider using double sheets for delicate or expensive items.
  3. Place the dish vertically in the box. This reduces the surface area under the risk of pressure.

“By placing the dishes vertically, you are mimicking the way they stand in your dish rack. Plus, they are less likely to break if they are put under pressure”, Callmymover’s packing expert observes. Flat stacking can put the bottom dishes under immense strain, increasing the risk of breakages during the long-distance moving.

Remember, for storage or moving, packing right is a skill – a minimalist approach with the right knowledge, and it will seem like a breeze. Check out our services page to ease out your moving or storing process. You can also get a personalized and instant quote for your moving requirement by visiting the Get a Quote page.

Stay tuned to our blog for more tips and tricks about relocation, moving and a lot more. Or better still, why not book a home estimate to let the experts plan your move? Happy Moving!

Packing Glassware and Dishes – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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